Fibre optic cabling

Fibre optic cabling is quite simply a must for any company. With no limitations on distance it provides a fast reliable, high capacity network whether for security, WiFi, communication or audio visual purposes.

M TECH has a wealth of experience in both public and private sectors implementing fibre optic networks everywhere from offices and hotels to government buildings and universities.

Our fibre optic services include full site assessments, solution design, installation, project management, and full testing.

With expertise in a range of methods including fusion splicing termination, single mode and multimode fibres you can rest assured we can design and implement the optimum fibre network solution to meet your requirements

Our optical fibre networks are guaranteed for 25 years.

Our optical fibre installation expertise includes:

Fusion splicing termination
This involves supplying ‘pre-terminated pigtails’ –fibre cords ready to be ‘fusion spliced’ into the installed cable.

Single mode/ OS1 & OS2
Ideal for long distance/high bandwidth applications.

Multimode/ OM2, OM3 & OM4
The arrival of the 10G network means the traditional Multimode Fibre no longer carries sufficient bandwidth. To future-proof your bandwidth requirements we therefore recommend the new generation 50µm OM3/OM4 Multimode fibre.

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