Communication (COMMS) Cabling, including voice and telephone cabling

As specialists in communication (COMMS) cabling and telephony systems, M TECH not only offers a wide range of products from leading brands, including Mitel, Panasonic, Avaya, Ericsson and NEC, but we also have the knowledge and expertise to design and implement a communication solution to meet your individual business requirements. Whether you have traditional analogue telephone cabling requirements, are interested in the benefits of digital telephony or require us to manage telephone line plant moves and changes, contact us today for a free site survey and recommendation report.

Telecommunication Cabling

Many businesses still rely on ‘Traditional’ analogue telephone cabling. Our skilled team is adept at maintaining and extending existing systems alongside new ones.

Digital telephony (wireless and VoIP Phone Systems)

Digital telephony not only frees you from the constraints of physical phone extensions giving you greater flexibility, but it is now affordable for organisations of any size. VoIP phone systems allow you to carry voice calls over your internet connection providing a reliable, cost effective means of voice communication for your business. Contact us today for advice on the optimum solution for your business and to find out about the benefits and possibilities of digital telephony.

Fault finding & Repairs

With over 25 years experience in communication cabling if your voice system is down M TECH have the skills and expertise to get you up and running without delay